Since 2003, our team at Ridge has combined a proven track record of developing high quality UK renewable energy projects with working
alongside local delivery partners and communities to create enduring and sustainable local benefits.

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Welcome to Ridge Carbon Capture

As an added environmental benefit of our work, Ridge Carbon Capture (RCC) develops and finances Nature-based Solutions.

The construction and operation of our UK renewable projects developed our expertise in peatland restoration, with our current portfolio of peatland restoration projects totalling over 100,000 acres across England and Scotland.

Our projects will generate UK-verified carbon offsets under the regulations of the IUCN UK Peatland Code. We work to ensure our projects deliver the highest standards of climate repair.

We work with landowners and delivery partners to design restoration projects that complement wider estate management requirements, with sensitive development being at the heart of our work.

We deliver projects for the landowner and their community by deploying our capital and expertise to the projects. We have flexibility to work with bespoke requirements and timescales.