Ridge Carbon Capture

Who Are We?

We are a nature-based carbon capture developer and investor based in Oxfordshire. Part of the Ridge Group of companies, we’ve been working with UK landowners since the early 2000s, initially developing onshore renewables and from that, gaining expertise in peatland restoration.


The Ridge team has an established and successful history of working with landowners and tenants to design, build, finance and maintain peatland restoration projects across the UK.

In doing so, we help to repair our climate, remove carbon from our atmosphere and generate marketable carbon credits.

Our background and success in developing and operating renewable energy generation projects means we have a solid financial bedrock, and we’ve built up trust and relationships that give us our reputation as a leader in the field of nature-based carbon capture in the UK. Our projects cover thousands of hectares and counting, all funded by our own private capital (and public grant funding, where available) across the project lifetime – not just the initial restoration.

We work directly with landowners and tenants, supporting them every step of the way – we make sure there is clear communication, sensitive and transparent project design, and a strong sense of collaboration throughout the entire process. We understand that climate repair is a team sport, and our commitment to integrity drives everything we do.

Our Oxfordshire HQ is ideal for reaching peatland ecosystems across the UK – from the Scottish Isles to the East Anglian fens to the hills of Somerset, our location facilitates our ‘boots on the ground’ approach.

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