Funding Peatland Restoration

Ridge deploys its private capital to finance and develop UK peatland restoration projects, from project initiation through to carbon certification.

While national commitments to restore nature are growing on an unprecedented scale, they only scratch the surface of the need and opportunity for restoration. Integrating public and private sources of funding with the right peatland restoration projects can achieve measurable, world-leading British carbon sequestration projects.

Ridge Carbon Capture - Capital

With a long-term view, Ridge provides private finance to individual projects that are eligible to be validated under the IUCN UK Peatland Code.

Ridge’s private capital satisfies the significant additionality requirement. The flexibility of our ready-to-deploy funding allows all parties to agree on a timeline that suits landowners and their estates.

Our capital combined with our development expertise are available to support IUCN UK Peatland Code restoration projects across key project stages: site identification, planning, design, project execution, implementation, audit and maintenance.

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