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Whether for peatland restoration or other Nature-based Solutions (NbS), Ridge can help you determine the best course of action to either fund your scheme or provide longer-term income from the carbon credits generated by it.

The IUCN UK Peatland Code is a voluntary certification standard for UK peatland projects wishing to market the climate benefits of peatland restoration. It provides assurances to voluntary carbon market (VCM) buyers that these NbS projects are real, quantifiable, additional and enduring.

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Trading carbon credits and carbon financing are increasingly utilised and established mechanisms to mitigate unavoidable CO2 production, and enable critical climate repair through NbS projects.

Timing and planning are essential for accessing available funding, and Ridge is positioned at the centre of this transition.

Behavioural shifts from a broad range of private individuals, businesses and governments have generated international net zero commitments.

These net zero pathways are rightly focused first and foremost on decarbonisation, but for as-yet unavoidable emissions, the acquisition of carbon credits can be used as offsets. As they do, the VCM will evolve and there will be growing demand for UK peatland credits that have a high level of governance, integrity and tenure.

Ridge can manage the administration of your carbon portfolio, providing carbon marketing services to execute your carbon strategy securely.

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