Sustainable Restoration Plans
Land Management & Monitoring Solutions

Ridge can provide a fully-integrated and holistic peatland restoration plan in collaboration with any existing land management schemes.

Our partnership approach with our landowners is science-led, collaborative and fully transparent across the lifetime of the project.

Ridge will deploy the latest technology, farming and land management expertise to ensure the initial restoration techniques are successful from the outset, and maintained across the full term.

Ridge Carbon Capture - Land

Ridge can evaluate your land’s eligibility to participate in the IUCN UK Peatland Code with an initial desktop assessment.

If an opportunity is identified that you want to explore further, Ridge can then conduct a full range of ecological assessments to define, plan and implement your own restoration plan.

Ridge can protect and restore your landscape with insight and practical support from our experts in rural estate management and conservation.

Preventing further damage and restoring healthy ecosystem function is a key objective of Ridge’s restoration and land management plans. Restoring degraded UK peatlands also prevents further biodiversity losses and helps to enhance water quality.

Right now, 87% of UK peatlands are in a degraded state. Peatland restoration delivers genuine nature recovery, and an opportunity to leave our land in a better condition than it may be today.

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