Creating a Legacy for Landowners

Identifying, developing and implementing a restoration plan that creates a legacy for both landowners and the environment.

We maintain a culture of stewardship in every aspect of our work. We respect the history of an estate, and recognise the responsibility of being involved in its future.

We invest in critical projects that provide lasting, measurable benefits for future generations – environmentally, through ecosystem recovery, and financially, through carbon revenue.

Ridge Carbon Capture - Legacy

Ridge has a proven track record of building long-term relationships that go beyond mere business.

Ridge can help plan, execute and maintain restoration activities that complement estate management plans, ensuring the preservation of traditions.

Ridge upholds the value of community engagement, as the environment is something shared by all.

Landowners have enduring relationships with others who are connected to their estates – be they tenants, neighbours, local wildlife groups or schools – and Ridge can help strengthen and maintain these good relationships.

Ridge will be by your side to manage the full life-cycle of the project. We work to foster the goodwill behind every project, ensuring its environmental and societal benefits will continue to be understood as the science behind climate repair evolves.

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